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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Working together and understanding each other is the first step to having a successful relationship as a neurodiverse couple.

Neurodiverse relationships are those where one or both individuals in a relationship identify as neurodiverse. Neurodivergent individuals have different ways of viewing the world, rather their brains are wired differently. This difference often leads to variations in the way they navigate the environment, their relationships and other challenges.

Neurodiverse couples, like all couples, experience challenges in their relationships. Common challenges include: having difficulty expressing oneself, rigidity or lack of flexibility and sensory preferences.

Despite the difficulties faced, the strengths of neurodiverse individuals in relationships should not be overlooked.

  1. Honest and straightforward communication. Neurodiverse individuals can often express their opinions honestly and directly which leads to open communication in a relationship.

  2. Have a strong commitment to their interests and desires. Many neurodiverse individuals have focused interests. These interests can often be directed towards their partners making them extremely committed to the relationship.

  3. Their extreme passion for some activities takes the pressure off of the relationship. Neurodiverse individuals may have highly specific interests and passions. These individuals may spend significant amounts of time on such activities. Individuals in a neurodiverse relationship can explore each other’s passions to build further connection and mutual interests. Extreme passion for activities can also take the pressure off of the relationship as it allows each partner to focus on their own interest and not just the relationship.

  4. They have an appreciation for each other’s unique ways of looking at the world. As neurodiverse individuals may look at the world differently, they are able to appreciate other perspectives and view things through a different lens. Having more than one perspective, leads to creative problem-solving and greater understanding of the world.

Check out this video highlighting strengths of neurodiverse couples.

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