MScOT, OT Reg. (Ont.)


I am a registered occupational therapist in good standing with the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario. I completed my Master of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of Toronto. I also have a Bachelor of Health Sciences from Western University.


I grew up in Toronto and have always been passionate about working with and coaching children and families. I started off as a figure skating and swimming coach where I was able to develop fundamental communication and rapport-building skills. These previous experiences shaped my early interest in paediatrics, although I have expanded my scope and currently practice across the lifespan - from infants to older adults. This has provided me with the skills to apply diverse facilitation and problem-solving skills when working with my clients and their families.


I work with children and young adults to achieve milestones, build skills, and promote development and participation in home, school and clinic settings. I also work part-time in a rehab hospital where I create and implement individualized treatment programs for individuals recovering from injuries or illnesses. I support adults and older adults to regain independence in their daily activities as well as facilitate a safe discharge back to their home environments.


I use a non-judgemental and strengths-based approach where I look at all aspects of a person and relationship. I have an enthusiastic personality and positive energy which makes people feel comfortable when working with me. I am able to connect and engage with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds through role playing, exercises, discussions and analogies. I embrace neurodiversity and am constantly learning from the wonderful people and families I work with.


I have a passion for learning and constantly seeking out professional development opportunities. I have taken specialized courses and training related to sensory processing, executive skills, Autism Spectrum Disorders and mental health. Along with Danielle, I have participated in specialized training on couples coaching and supporting neurodiverse relationships.